BET 2: Utility of the speed bump sign in diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Jean-Francois Hibbert recommends Clinical scenario

You are working in A&E and have just reviewed a patient with symptoms and clinical signs consistent with suspected acute appendicitis; you wonder whether there are any further clinical signs that may help your diagnosis and a referral to general surgery.

You recall hearing of the speed bump sign from a colleague and wonder how useful this sign is in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

Three-part question

(In adult patients) is (reported pain whilst travelling over speed bumps) indicative of (acute appendicitis?)

Search strategy

Medline 1946–February 2017 using the Ovid interface

Search terms: (appendicitis and (speed bump* OR bump*)).mp

Search outcome

Three search results.

One of which was a news article referring to one of the other two results, so it was excluded.

Of the remaining two, one paper directly referred to speed bumps; the other referred to bumps in the…

from Emergency Medicine Journal Best evidence topic reports


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